The companies of the Nittan Capital Group are inter-dealer brokers who deal in foreign exchange and foreign currency money market transactions in the interbank markets, including offshore yen money market transactions, as well as yen and USD interest rate swaps (IRS) and other derivatives. Nittan Capital Group companies are part of the group of companies operated by Central Tanshi Co., Ltd., capitalized at 5 billion yen and Japan’s leading tanshi (short-term money market) firm.
We are committed to further growth in order to serve for the development of Tokyo markets by comprehensively addressing the needs of our clients, drawing on expertise gathered over the many years since our founding in 1983. With offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea, we have established a leading position as an inter-dealer broker in Asia. We contribute to the growth of financial markets in all the regions and countries in which we operate.
TRANSACTIONS   Our outstanding performance is backed by support from our customers and clients.
Spot transactions
Typically involving USD funds priced in yen, spot transactions are transactions in which the timing of funds delivery (i.e., the execution of the transaction) occurs two business days after the conclusion of the contract. These are among the most high-profile market transactions. Spot transactions involving foreign currencies and transactions involving foreign currencies other than the U.S. dollar priced in yen are called cross currency transactions.
Foreign exchange swaps (forward transactions)
Often called forward transactions, foreign exchange swaps are transactions wherein funds delivery occurs more than two business days after the conclusion of the contract. Typically, they take the form of swap transactions in which similar currency pairs having different funds delivery dates are bought and sold at the same time. One example is a transaction in which a spot sale of USD funds priced in yen is transacted at the same time as a purchase of three-month USD futures. Foreign exchange swaps also include cross-swap transactions between foreign currencies.
We take pride in our high market shares and the strong trust we’ve earned in both the yen and foreign currency markets.
Banks dealing in foreign currency transactions typically face not just imbalances in their own foreign exchange positions, but overages and shortages in their foreign currency and yen funds. Banks need to adjust for overages and shortages in foreign currency and yen funds in foreign money markets and yen money markets while monitoring interest earnings. These adjustments take place in the money markets—markets currently experiencing significant growth as venues offering a broad range of opportunities for banks to raise and invest funds. In addition, hedge and arbitrage transactions have drawn yen and foreign currency markets ever closer. Together with Central Tanshi, Nittan Capital Group holds high shares in the yen and foreign currency money markets, where it has won a position of high trust among banks and other counterparties.
USD call transactions
Trading in these unsecured loans of USD funds began in April 1972. While these transactions were initially intended to adjust for short-term overages and shortages in USD funds, they have experienced significant growth in recent years for investments in foreign bonds, trade finance, raising funds for impact loans, investments involving foreign currency deposits, and arbitrage targeting the yen. Although generally referred to as USD call transactions, these transactions are free of restrictions on transaction currencies. We undertake money market transactions denominated in various currencies, including the Euro, Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar, and the British pound, in addition to the U.S. dollar.
Japan offshore market transactions
Japan offshore market transactions are transactions between foreign counterparties and distinct from domestic transactions. They include transactions between Japan offshore market (JOM) accounts and between JOM accounts and nonresidents. Since their inception in December 1986, these transactions have grown to account for a market significantly larger than the market for USD call transactions.
Interest rate swaps
Interest rate swaps are transactions that involve swaps of interest rates in the same currency. Typically, they involve swapping between fixed and variable interest rates.
Nittan Capital Group Limited
Company name: Nittan Capital Group Limited
Originated: 1956
Incorporated: 1983
Address: Head office: 3-3-14 Nihonbashi Hongokucho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Lines of business: Brokerage of foreign exchange trading, foreign currency loans, Japan offshore market transactions
Paid-in capital: 300 million yen
President: Hiroaki Harada
Shareholder: Central Tanshi Co., Ltd.*
Clients: Banks (commercial banks, regional banks, foreign banks in Japan, credit unions, etc.)
Securities companies (including foreign affiliated securities companies)
Main subsidiaries:
Nittan FX Limited
(broker specializing in foreign exchange spot transactions)
Nittan Money Markets Co., Ltd.
(broker specializing in forward foreign exchange transactions, USD Call markets, Japan offshore market transactions)
Nittan Capital Asia Ltd.
(broker in financial transactions denominated in Hong Kong dollars and other East Asian currencies)
Nittan Capital Singapore Pte. Ltd.
(broker in financial transactions denominated in Singapore dollars and other East Asian currencies)
Nittan Capital Money Brokerage (Korea) Ltd.
(broker in financial transactions denominated in South Korean Won)
NIttan Securities Asia Ltd.
(broker in equity derivatives)
* Overview of Central Tanshi Co., Ltd. (for reference purposes)
Company Name: Central Tanshi Co., Ltd.
Head office: 3-3-14 Nihonbashi Hongokucho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Lines of business: Dealing and broking of call loans and money; dealing and broking of discounted bills; lending, borrowing, and broking of securities; dealing and broking of financial claims (including negotiable certificates of deposit and trust beneficiary certificates)
Paid-in capital: 5 billion yen
1956 Nihon Waribiki Tanshi Co., Ltd. established; International Business Division begins operating.
1978 Astley & Pearce (Japan) Ltd. opens Tokyo branch.
(Launches business operations in October 1978 as the first foreign affiliated broker active on the Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market.)
1983 Nittan AP Co. Ltd. established.
Established through the transfer of the rights of trade of the International Business Division of Nihon Waribiki Tanshi Co., Ltd. and the Tokyo branch of Astley & Pearce (Japan) Ltd.; operations launched in April 1983
1985 Full-fledged entry into international broking business
1986 Successive entry into capital markets and Japan offshore markets
1989 Entry into Tokyo Financial Futures Market
1992 Partial equity stake acquired in Exco (parent company of Astley & Pearce)
1996 Company renamed Nittan Exco Ltd.
1998 Foreign Exchange Spot Transaction Department spun off as wholly owned subsidiary (Nittan FX Ltd.)
1999 Joint venture established between Forward Foreign Exchange and Foreign Money Market Departments and Yagi Euro (Nittan Yagi Euro Co., Ltd.)
2000 Nittan Exco Ltd. assumes its current name of Nittan Capital Group Ltd.
2001 Yagi Euro’s stake in Nittan Yagi Euro Co., Ltd. acquired; renamed Nittan Money Markets Co., Ltd., its current name
2006 Overseas business facilities Nittan Capital Asia Ltd. (in Hong Kong) and Nittan Capital Singapore Pte. Ltd. established
2007 Nittan Capital Money Brokerage (Korea) Ltd. established as business facility in South Korea
outward Nittan Capital Group Limited
Head office: 3-3-14 Nihonbashi Hongokucho,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel.: +81-3-3271-8450 (main switchboard)